The Team

Ian and Gilly Pigott. Ian started his career trading tropical oils. Ian is Managing Partner of the business and has a keen interest in reconnecting young people with food and farming.
Gilly's background is in TV. Since moving from Toronto to London in the '90s she has worked in PR and publicity. Her current role focuses on strategy and leading the Pop-Up Farm Team.

Gladys and her son Walter are in charge of pest control around the farm. The resident fox terriers have a keen interest in wildlife and are always on call.

Dan Wilkinson. Dan oversees all the maintenance and upkeep of the properties. Away from the farm, Dan likes to spend time with his family and countryside pursuits.

Vanessa Connor is the Office Manager at Thrales End. Vanessa oversees the tenant relations and book keeping. In her spare time Vanessa tends to a Pedigree Texel sheep flock.

John Denny looks after the landscaping and helping Dan maintain the offices. Away from the farm John enjoys gardening and plants

John and Jessie Pigott are Partners at Thrales End. They have a keen interest in the farm, the countryside and its wildlife. Away from work, they like to play golf and to keep up with their children and grandchildren

Terry Field operates the tractors, seed drill and combine harvester over all the arable land. Terry is also a talented mechanic.