Farm & Education

Regenerative Farming
We are a LEAF demonstration farm, committed to regenerative agriculture. Combining zero tillage, diverse rotations, cover crops, and neighbouring farmers livestock to graze and recycle nutrients, our quest is to build soil carbon and diversity and reduce use of fertiliser and crop sprays.
Provenance and reconnection
At The Pop-Up Farm we welcome thousands of visitors each year to a series of farming festivals. Picking your own sunflowers, sweetcorn and pumpkins makes amazing memories and is a special way to reconnect with the outdoors, friends and local food.
Farming with Science and Technology
Using zero-tillage, satellite guided machinery and the latest software, our approach to farming combines technology and science to enhance soil health and biodiversity.
Through our education charity, The Farmschool, we deliver bespoke projects for secondary schools. Providing real-life examples of sustainability, food provenance, food production, environmental protection and economic/business principles to KS4 & 5 students in an engaging and practical way.
20% of our farmed area is committed to habitats for invertebrates and birds. We are continually looking to build food sources for pollinators (and our bee keepers) in the summer and seed mixtures to help the birds through winter.